Key Points

  • The West suffers from Harry Potter Syndrome when dealing with the Islamist aspects of Islam.  If you cannot name your problem, how can you challenge it?  This is the Voldemort Effect.

  • Political correctness and the fear of “rocking the multicultural community boat” resulted in the rape and trafficking of some 1,400 girls aged 11 to 14 in the United Kingdom.

  • Political correctness, when wielded by Islamists and their apologists, is nothing more than a cudgel used to silence critics into submission.


It is reasonable to believe that terrorism is not yet an existential threat to Canada.  The Islamist ideology, however, can be assessed as a threat to Canada, as it has begun to erode our most basic values.

But the greatest threat to Canada is not terrorists with bombs or guns.  It may net even be the ideological groups that radicalized them. We might be able to defeat them.

The greatest single threat to Canada may be political correctness.  The values of Canada, expressed by the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada are the bulwarks of our lives.  The fundamental freedoms, as expressed in the Charter, are freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and the freedom of association.

Each one of these fundamental values has already been harmed by political correctness.  For instance, it is a fact that publicly funded forums in Canada, such as universities, are being used to advance wife beating as an acceptable practice, not least because women view it as a sign of love and concern.[1]

To see the damage that has occurred, we can look at the democracies in Europe.  Political correctness is tearing the social fabric of society and damaging lives.  The response to mass rapes in the UK was originally silence, as those who enforced the will of political correctness believed that abstract values such as community balance outweighed fundamental rights such as the right to stay alive and unmolested.  The rapes of Rotherham and the 2015 New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne highlight the issue.

Rotherham UK and Mass Rape:  Political Correctness, Community Balance, and Criminal Cover-ups

It is a fact that community leadership figures, such as feminists, mayors, city councilors, police, and Members of Parliament can exist in a culture of denial. At the same time, they will suppress reports on criminal activity to maintain community balance.

The facts in this situation are that the Jay Report in the United Kingdom (26 August 2014) detailed how a wide variety of officials in the City of Rotherham deliberately covered up the grooming and mass rape of 1400 girls to avoid issues of racism.  The report, which was accepted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom,[2]even details how one individual who attempted to address the mass rapes was sidelined, threatened with dismissal, and sent on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course.[3]

In Rotherham, between 1997 and 2013, a conservative estimate suggests that 1,400 primarily white girls between the ages of 11 and 14[4](but some as young as nine[5]) were groomed[6]in Rotherham and then “raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.”[7]The perpetrators of the institutionalized abuse of the girls were, as the official report noted, primarily Pakistani-Kashmiri Muslim men. The fact that 1,400 girls could be forced into sexual slavery in a British town of 257,280 while no one noticed staggers belief.

It is also a fact that a variety of civic officials, town councilors and a Member of Parliament had been aware for years of the abuse, but had remained silent or punished those who spoke out.  It was also noted that the three of the previous inquiries from 2002, 2003 and 2009 had found similar issues, but those reports were “effectively suppressed.”[8]  One researcher who reported the rapes faced hostility from the city council.  Her records and information were stolen and destroyed by an unknown person who also likely worked for the council.[9]

The Home Secretary at the time of the report was Theresa May. She blamed the failure of the authorities in Rotherham on “institutionalized political correctness.”[10]  The Victims’ Commissioner, Louise Casey, followed up with a report that stated, “misplaced political correctness” and “a staggering culture of denial” allowed more than 1,400 vulnerable girls to be routinely abused.  “Some councilors have not lived up to the high standards expected of those in public life or their positions of responsibility.”

Ms. Casey further wrote: “The issue of race is contentious, with staff and members lacking the confidence to tackle difficult issues for fear of being identified as racist or upsetting community cohesion.[11]  The Jay Report notes that a known deep-rooted problem exists with Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls.  Ironically, when a city councilor of Pakistani heritage wanted to tackle the issue head on, he was over ruled by the other largely white, Labour Party councilors.[12]

The issue of widespread sexual abuse of young girls had also been raised by Ann Cryer, the Labour MP for Keighley.  Unfortunately, her attempt to address the issue of young girls being groomed for sexual abuse resulted in her being attacked and shunned by her own party.  Frustrated by the lack of a response from politicians, social workers, and the police, she finally found one city councilor (of Pakistani heritage) to take the names and addresses of 35 of the offenders to the local elders and Imams.  According to The Guardian newspaper report, the councilor tried but with no results:

“He said to the imams, ‘Ann Cryer would like you to go around to these families and explain that this behaviour is totally un-Islamic.’  But the upshot was that the elders allegedly said, ‘Go back to Ann Cryer and tell her it’s nothing to do with us.’ ”[13]

Perhaps the most stunning admission of all came from the Member of Parliament for the Rotherham area. Denis McShane, the former Labour MP, was questioned by the media the day after the Jay Report was released. He made a stunning statement concerning the role of multiculturalism in the UK.  Speaking to the BBC, he stated:

“I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that.”[14]

Mr. McShane also said he was aware of the problem of cousin marriages and the oppression of women within parts of the Muslim community in Britain. He added, however that:

“Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.”

A reasonable opinion can be formed that a culture of political correctness, denial and cultural relativism led the officials responsible to abdicate their responsibilities.  Faced with the rape and abuse of 1,400 white girls on one hand, and the fear of being called racist or Islamophobic on the other, a wide range of officials chose to allow the destruction of young lives to continue, rather than risk their own moral high ground upon which their belief in political correctness had placed them.

Cologne Germany: Breaking the Wall of Silence

The attacks and sexual assaults against women in Cologne Germany on New Year’s Eve (2015/16) were not new.

It is a fact that such attacks, featuring coordinated actions against local women by largely Islamist/Muslim migrants, had occurred for years in Europe. What was new was that the main stream media in Germany was finally forced into reporting on the events.  The original response from the Cologne Police was that the evening had been “largely peaceful” and had occurred in a “relaxed atmosphere.”[15] It has not yet emerged if the police in Cologne, like many others, had been pressured into adopting politically correct narratives rather than factual reporting.

By 15 February 2016, the “peaceful” event had resulted in 1,075 complaints to the police of which 467 involved sexual assaults.  Most of the rest of the complaints involved assaults and robbery.  Most damning was that some of the complaints accused the police of denial of assistance to the victims[16]although it may be that the police were simply overwhelmed.  At least one female police undercover officer was sexually assaulted during the evening.[17]

A variety of political officials attempted to downplay assaults by saying the Cologne attack was an isolated event that was not organized, nor were their large numbers of migrants involved.  Their politically correct narratives were subsequently destroyed in the following weeks.

Cologne was not the only city to suffer such widespread sexual attacks on women by migrants on that evening.  Similar attacks were carried out in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, and Bielefeld.[18]

The attempt to say that the attacks were not organized was destroyed by the Deputy Chief of Police of the Finnish City of Helsinki.  As with Cologne, Helsinki suffered a wave of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016.  However, unlike Cologne, it appears the police in Helsinki were partially prepared for the outbreaks.  Helsinki police broke up New Year’s Eve attacks before they got started based on intelligence collected from asylum centres.  As they believed would happen, approximately 1,000 asylum seekers had gathered in the tunnels surrounding the central railway station by 11pm.[19]  Notwithstanding the preparations, Ilkka Koskimaki, the deputy chief of police in Helsinki stated that “We have never before had this kind of sexual harassment happening at New Year’s Eve.”  The Deputy Chief also added that “sexual assaults in parks and on the streets, had been unknown in Finland before record 32,000 asylum seekers arrived in 2015…”[20]

A series of sexual assaults also occurred on New Year’s Eve 2015/16 against women in the Swedish cities of Malmö, Helsingborg, Karlstad, and Kalmar.[21]  However, the most damning information, appears to have come from Stockholm where widespread sexual assaults against Swedish women at a major summer festival appeared to have gone deliberately unreported for at least two and a half years and perhaps since the year 2000.[22]

After the Cologne attacks became widely discussed in the European press, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported events in Stockholm at previous events, but then became involved in a scandal where they were accused of having hidden information about previous attacks in the summer of 2014 and 2015.  The entire event became tangled with the police and the newspaper blaming each other for failing to report the events.[23]The Swedish Prime Minister blamed the police.

While who is to blame remains unresolved, Swedish women were sexually attacked and robbed at a summer festival called “We are Sthlm.”[24]  Police reports about the festival had reported that the events “proceeded calmly” but a later report by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter review shows that internal emergency reports have been hushed up.  The attacks were against girls as young as 11 and 12 and were known to have been carried out by “migrant youths.”  The police, aware of the problems in the summer of 2014, appeared to have tried for greater enforcement in 2015.  However, according to their own reports, widespread sexual assaults occurred anyway.[25]

The Jump from Social Media to the Mainstream

While difficult to assess with clarity, it is a reasonable to believe that the outcry on social media concerning the mass attacks in Cologne was responsible for bringing the attacks to the public’s attention.  A few politicians in Germany have accused the media of under-reporting events for fears that it could cause an anti-immigrant backlash.  Both the police and the mainstream media appear complicit in hiding the organized and large-scale nature of issue.  Germany’s public broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) admitted that they did have a “clear enough” view of the events and should have broadcast.[26]

Attempts to Mislead and Blame Women

It has been factually shown that even after the general details of the attacks in Cologne (and elsewhere) were known, a variety of media, political and religious figures attempted to mislead the public or blame the women as victims.  In one rather ill-thought out piece of advice, Henriette Reker, the (female) Mayor of Cologne suggested that women should keep “at an arm’s length” from strangers to avoid sexual harassment.[27] Sadly, this sort of advice suggests that women are somehow to blame or are at least partially responsible for the attack.  How a woman is supposed to be able to fend off a group of two to twenty men attacking her was not made clear.[28]

It is also a fact that an Imam in Cologne also suggested that the women themselves were at fault.  In his first statement to the press, Imam Abu Yusuf stated that “If they’re half-naked and wearing perfume, it’s not surprising that such things would happen.”  When asked by a second media outlet to confirm his statement, he stated that “There were scantily clad women who were wearing perfume as they walked through the drunken crowd.  For some North Africans, this was reason to grope the women.”  In a third interview, he did state that he did not approve of such actions (i.e. attacking women) and “That doesn’t mean that I think women shouldn’t be allowed to dress like that.”[29]

It is a known point that the blaming of women and the denial of reality is not unique to the Cologne case. In the Rotherham case above, a variety of girls had reported to the police about their abusers, sometimes with their fathers present.  However, nothing was done.  As one press article noted:

Powerless white working-class girls were caught between a hateful, imported culture of vicious misogyny on the one hand, and on the other a culture of chauvinism among the police, who regarded them as worthless slags.  Officials trained up in diversity and political correctness failed to acknowledge what was effectively white slavery on their doorstep.  Much too embarrassing to concede that it wasn’t white people who were committing racist hate crimes in this instance.[30]


It can be concluded from the above facts that Canada, the USA and Europe are facing a series of social, economic and political challenges in which the role of Islamists will play a prominent role.  The challenges will come from front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Iranian Khomeneists, the Saudi funded Wahhabi movement, and the direct support of Qatar.

It is also reasonable to believe that the media and politicians in Canada cannot openly address issues such as the advocacy of wife beating,[31]sex with nine-year-old girls[32]and sexual assaults in public.  If issues as blatant as the advocacy of wife beating cannot be discussed, how do we address Female Genital Mutilation, forced suicides and child marriages?  Feminists, especially those who occupy positions of wealth, power or privilege should speak out – yet they are silent.

In the longer term, it is reasonable to suggest that we need to address political entryism, campus extremism and charities being used to fund extremism and terrorism overseas and here in Canada.  The issues of freedom of thought, speech and expression are being corroded, but the very forces who should be at the forefront of such debates are silenced by their own self-censorship and political correctness.  The media, and what one might loosely call the intelligentsia, are trapped by their delusions of their own competency and their self-imposed isolation from reality.


An opinion can be formed that if we do not have an intelligent and open discussion about the social and cultural future of Canada in a reasoned manner, then we will have the decisions made in a time of crisis by unreasoned voices and those in positions of power.  It can also be concluded that political correctness, when wielded by Islamists and their apologists, is nothing more than a cudgel used to silence critics.



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Author: Tom Quiggin

Thomas Quiggin, MA, CD is a court-qualified expert on terrorism (criminal court and federal court) and has had his expertise on the “the reliability of intelligence as evidence” recognized by the Federal Court of Canada. He has also testified as a court expert to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He has also provided three training sessions to the Canadian Department of Justice as part of the special advocates program with the focus being on intelligence and evidence. Thomas also has been a guest lecturer at the Canadian Police College with the lectures on terrorism and intelligence. He has previously published a book on national security titled Seeing the Invisible: National Security Intelligence in an Uncertain Age, (2007, World Scientific). You’re able to follow Thomas on Twitter, and obtain a copy of his very valuable book ‘The Danger of Political Islam to Canada‘ on Amazon.