In the past five months, whenever I have searched on google about Kashmir, I could only find news of Kashmiri youth pelting stones and carrying out protests in the valley. Recently, I found that the separatists reissued their protest calendar in Kashmir. So, the next day I expected the news on more violence in Kashmir due to protests, but surprisingly I saw an image of clear streets and normalcy returning back to the valley. I questioned myself how is it possible? Why are the separatists silent? Did the separatists change their mind or are they on leave? Or else was it the result of an announcement by our PM regarding demonetization of INR 500 and INR 1000 notes? This impelled me to search for the link if any between the restful quiet in Kashmir and the recent demonetization.

Some articles on the internet claimed that the Pakistan-based terror outfits used to pay INR 500 per day to each youth/ boy to pelt stone on security forces in the Valley. Now that old 500 rupees are no longer legal currency, the militants involved in the violence are unemployed. Suddenly they are jobless and unable to collect payments for creating havoc in the valley, burning schools and clashing with the security forces. Demonetization has hit the terror wallets in Kashmir.

However, the distorted ingenuity of the terrorists found another way by looting banks to resume the funding of unrest in the valley. Post demonetization, three different branches of Jammu and Kashmir bank has been looted by the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror groups to build robbed cash reserves and revive the practice of using innocent young boys as cannon fodder.

On November 21, the LeT terrorist group looted 12 Lakhs rupees from a J & K Bank branch in Malpora.Then, again two days later the terrorists looted 34 lakhs from a bank in Sarthal and the latest has been on December 15 when a group of masked and armed LeT terrorists looted 11 lakhs from J & K bank in Ratnipora in the Pulwama district.

LeT may now look to the  ISIS to deal with the recent note ban in India as it has drained out the Pakistan-based terror outfits of their cash reserves. According to the Intelligence, LeT is now unable to pay the stone pelters in the valley and is also planning a massive attack in Delhi.

According to Mail Today: ‘the situation is so bad that forget hardcore cadres, the LeT is unable to pay stone-pelters in the Kashmir valley, where they were earlier paid rupees 500 per day for targeting vehicles and Army personnel’. But still, some of our brethren, maybe due to coercion and fear are compelled to help the militants, In due course, the hammer of fear shall yield before the shining light of peace and reason.

In an effort to fight terrorism and bring normalcy in the valley, demonetization has been a game-changing move as post demonetization we had definite glimpses of normalcy returning back to the valley. However, the looting of banks suggests that we need to stand together against looters and scavengers, pillaging our hard earned money.

I wonder how many stones will be collected if Indian Government declares to offer money in exchange of the stones they pelted on the security force. Enough perhaps to serve as a cenotaph who were martyred at the hands of terrorists.This has proven to be a tight slap in the face of terror funders and separatists who mercilessly and evilly thrust forward the innocent poor of the country to achieve their bloody ends.